The Home Depot Veteran Delivery

Craig Menear, CEO of The Home Depot, delivered meals and spent a fun afternoon visiting one of our veteran clients on June 20, 2017. Our client, John Wright, Jr., proudly showed off his U.S. Marine Corps memorabilia and told stories of his time in the service, including fighting in the Vietnam War from 1968-69.

Beginning in February 2016, MOWA’s Home Repair Services team has made multiple repairs to Wright’s home as part of our Veteran Home Repair Services program funded by The Home Depot Foundation. The repairs included siding repair, repair of kitchen and dining room floor, installation of bathroom grab bars, and more. The goal of our Home Repair Services program is to enable seniors to maintain their independence and age in place for as long as possible.

It is so rewarding to not only give Menear the opportunity to meet one of the veterans The Home Depot Foundation has helped so much, but also to give Wright the chance to meet the CEO of the business that funded the repairs to his home. Thank you so much to The Home Depot Foundation and Craig Menear for everything you do!



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